19" Power Supplies

New models extend Genesys™ 3.3kW and 5kW application reach

The new 0 - 200Vdc output models, available in both the Genesys™ 3.3kW and 5kW, are ideally suited for applications related to the testing of solar cell arrays, and for use in electrolysing sulphuric acid in water purification plants. Extending the Genesys™ 5kW range, models with 0 - 400Vdc and 0 - 500Vdc outputs offer an excellent option for use with the manufacture and test of flat-panel television displays, where high-power, high-voltage DC supplies are a common requirement. They are both ideal for industrial applications that utilise high power halogen heaters which typically require between 200V and 400V to drive them.

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