Starline Track Busway

Increasing Power & Cooling Requirements Made Easy
Ever-increasing densities and higher-speed clocks are causing an increase in kW power density, resulting in increased cooling requirements in today’s modern data center. For every kW increase in power, an equal amount of cooling capacity is required. This never-ending cycle of increasing power and cooling requirements translates into more and larger cables under the floor... robbing valuable cooling space. These power and thermal issues have caused the data center design community to change the basic data center design, either by eliminating costly raised flooring or making the raised floor space a more effective cooling plenum.

The STARLINE™ approach is to locate the entire aesthetically pleasing electrical distribution system overhead for easy accessibility. STARLINE Track Busway is a modular, build-as-you-need, overhead, high-density electrical distribution system. It is designed to meet and exceed the rigorous reliability demands and thermal requirements of mission-critical facilities. STARLINE eliminates all the distribution panels associated with traditional systems. Changes and additions can be easily made without shutting off power to other racks or cabinets, opening any remote distribution panels, or disturbing any cabinets to access floor panels.

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